At ClaimsFirst, our focus as a third-party administrator (TPA), is to create synergy in our relationships with insurance carriers, MGUs, and Lloyd’s syndicates. We actively engage the respective claims teams to identify and implement solutions tailored to achieve our client’s specific goals and objectives, while developing a strong, long-term, and successful partnership. Our dedicated team of licensed adjusters each have over two decades of claims handling experience spanning all 50 states. Their unique technical expertise in conjunction with ClaimsFirst’s strategic solutions have a proven rate of success for the highest standard of claim handling in all lines of business.

Our elite team of highly proficient claim handlers are well equipped with the necessary experience to manage large volumes of high exposure and catastrophic claims, each with their own set of unique complex facts, that often include numerous parties and multiple towers of coverage. We are adept at recognizing and identifying the implications of particular forums and venues, allowing us to strategically partner with counsel nationwide to efficiently resolve claims.

Joanne Varias, President of ClaimsFirst, and her team, strive to provide clients with a plethora of pragmatic claim handling solutions. Our claim handlers possess an intimate understanding of insurance company operations, guidelines, and protocols, and are equipped to manage complex claims, coverage evaluation, and reserve analysis. Our team provides superb customer service, with effective litigation strategies and overall cost management.

ClaimsFirst is at the forefront of embracing the challenges and navigating the ever-changing complexity of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as it becomes more pervasive across
all industries and professions. Our team members are well-versed in handling cutting-edge AI employment and management liability claims. Our team collaborates with a network of lawyers nationwide who have been selected based upon their extensive knowledge and experience in the wide range of issues presented by AI-related litigation. This collaboration is designed to assist our clients as they navigate the rapidly changing landscape by closely monitoring developments in AI technology, legislation, regulatory action, and litigation.

ClaimsFirst offers a uniquely collaborative relationship with our clients through dedicated claim handling for each client, offering our proprietary claim and financial systems or through training on our client’s systems. Additionally, we are a Lloyd’s approved Delegated Claims Administrator with expertise in Lloyd’s of London reporting.

Trust ClaimFirst’s experts to be your partner in all your management liability and professional lines claim needs. We are passionate about claims!